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Al-Mubarrid mention of Abu Kamil of Ishaq ibn Ibrahim of King 'Amr bin An-Nakha'i, he said, is in Kufa, there is a handsome young man, he's strong and very diligent in worship. One time he stopped visiting the village of Bani An-Nakha '. He sees a beautiful woman of them so that he fell in love and in love. And it turns out, this beautiful woman was so well to him. Because I had fallen in love, the young man finally sent someone proposed to her from her father. But the father reported that his daughter had dojodohkan with his cousin. However, love can neither go out even more blazing. The woman eventually send someone a message through to the youth, saying, 'I already know how much you love me, and how great anyway, I tested it with you. If you agree, I will visit you or I will make way for you to come see me at my house '. Answered by the young man through the behest, 'I do not agree with the two alternatives.

"I felt really scared when I do something immoral in my Lord will adzab that will happen on the big day." (Yunus: 15)

I'm afraid of fire that never shrank flames and the blaze was never extinguished. When delivered the message to the woman, he said,

"However, apparently he was still afraid of God? By Allah, no one is more entitled to be devoted to God than anyone else. All the slaves are equally entitled to it."

Then he left the affairs of the world and get rid of bad deeds and begin to worship closer to Allah. However, he still had feelings of love and longing in his youth. Her body began to thin and thin resist missed, until finally he died because of it. And the young man often make pilgrimages to his grave, he wept and prayed. One time he fell asleep on her grave. He had a dream encounter with her lover with excellent appearance. In the dream he had asked,

"How are you? And what do you get after death?"

He replied, "The best person to ask, O love, is love. A love that can lead to goodness."

The young man asked, "If so, then where are you headed?" He replied, "I'm now headed to the pleasures and endless life. In Heaven eternity that can be had and will never be broken."

The young man said, "I hope you always remember me in there, because I'm here also do not forget you."

He replied, "By Allah, I also do not forget you. And I asked my Lord and your Lord (Allah SWT) so we'll be collected. So, help me in this case with your sincerity in worship."

The youth asked, "When can I see you?" Replied the lady: "Soon you'll come see us."

Seven days after the dream was over, the young man called by God to their presence, died.

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