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How to Resolve the Error Blogs

How to Resolve Error on bloggers can be done in various ways, because too many factors that cause errors on bloggers, sometimes when we are in page layout or design of an error, save at the most severe witget or you can not log into your account due to error.

error code on a variety of bloggers, among others, has a code bx-l4u1mh above, while bloggers will display error codes such as:

  • bx-bliced
  • bX-ev85ll
  • bX-39cc9q
  • bX-y6cz0v
  • bX-982020
I too have experienced this,, until-until the day contrived stress brain-tweaking gag bener visit. But it finally did return to normal as some tips that I do, you can also use it if there was an error, as for the cause of the error on the bloggers, among others:

  • Maybe you use a template that is already widely used by many users of bloggers in the world. This error occurs because some blogger users to edit the blog world at the same time with the same template as well. Thus causing a conflict when pengoprasian template.
  • We downloaded a template that does not have the correct arrangement of XML.
  • Blogger has improved again.
  • You slow Internet connection, etc..
To overcome or minimize the possibility of error on bloggers, is a necessary step - steps as follows:
  1. What did you do last before there was an error, because the error could be caused because of your own, such as uploading an xml file that is defective or not valid. Please back up again.
  2. try to press F5 on your keyboard so that the error page occurs refrest page.
  3. if the error still you try changing your blog template. and check the error page again.
  4. Please clear your browser cookies or canche for mozilla users click on the tool / tool-privacy-settings and then clear the browser's recent history.
  5. Exit from your browser application and load the page again that there was an error.
  6. Please login to http://draft.blogger.com/home and delete gadgets that might cause an error, because you can still log in via that address.
  7. Change your template to a valid xml xml.
  8. If you still like it, please ask for the error report to support bloggers by noting the error code and the id of your blog.
Hopefully useful!

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