Selasa, 17 April 2012

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True Love

Do not you ever feel that your new partner is less good than your ex after you dating? whereas before you assume that your new partner is better than your ex-even better than so many choices. This assumption is wrong! rather he not be better, but he's trying to strive to be better for you, just because it is less good, so was a little error arises that makes all the kindness closed just because of the small errors that you raised. He never stopped to think how could be the best for you. Sense of emotional upset and it was just a moment, but he's still keeping his heart in order to remain intact for you. Not love his name if no problems. Be patient .. true love will surely be tested with a never-ending problem issues, we live to be able to deal with it as much as you and the adult. Keep your heart completely to him even if your relationship is in trouble, that if you truly love your girlfriend.

've Not when you're in trouble with your spouse, there is a person who is present, whether it be friends, friends or new people who you think he came at the right time and you think that he is more care and more attention as your own appeal in your partner ? That presumption is also wrong! think is in adults. You have to know when you brought him in trouble with your spouse, it is as a mediator between you with your spouse rather than used as a third person in your relationship with your spouse. He also brought in to test your loyalty to your spouse. And you also should know, should realize that wherever and wherever friends or friends must be more care than his own girlfriend, for that most people prefer to lose a girlfriend rather than lose a friend or friends. So do not ever compare to compare between a boyfriend with a friend or friends, because they have different functions 

"Love o love you if you really really really love it"

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